Serbia | Companies to pay environmental fee as of March 2019

The fees are paid by companies, entrepreneurs and citizens whose activities have an impact on the environment, as well as companies that transport of crude oil and related products, chemicals and other hazardous industrial materials in towns and municipalities which have been designated by the Serbian government as endangered living environments.

The fee for the emission of a tonne of sulphur dioxide is RSD 9,000, whereas the fee for a tonne of nitrogen dioxide  is RSD 7,200. The disposal of a tonne of a powdered matter costs RSD 14,400, unless it originates in an asphalt base, in which case the fee is ten times higher.

The fee for a tonne of plastic bags without additives is RSD 25,900, and the emission of a tonne of produced or disposed of hazardous waste costs RSD 1,500, whereas each imported kilogramme of a substance that damages the ozone layer costs RSD 52.



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