Bolivia Focus: Virtual Window for Importations, endangered species, textiles, clothing accessories and furniture

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Virtual Window for Importations

The website of the Virtual Window for Importations (Ventanilla Virtual de Importaciones) has been amended in the following documents of this import report:

Certificate of Conformity
Obligatory Sanitary Notification for Cosmetic Products
Permit to Import Ozone-Depleting Substances
Sanitary Registration of Medical Devices
Sanitary Registration of Medical Drugs and Related Goods
Registration of Importers of Cosmetics
Registration of Importers of Medical Drugs and Devices
Registration of Importers of Ozone-Depleting Substances.

Textiles, Clothing Accessories and Furniture

The document entitled Preliminary Import Authorisation of the National Service of Verification of Exportations (SENAVEX) has been modified with regard to the e-mail address required for the submission of pertaining applications for the actual entry of designated apparel items, footwear, packaging material and wooden furniture.



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