• March 19, 2021
  • EFSA

27th meeting of the EFSA Pesticide Steering Network

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The 27th meeting of the EFSA Pesticide Steering Network includes the following items:

(*) Outcome of the consultation on Scientific criteria for grouping chemicals into assessment groups for human risk assessment of combined exposure to multiple chemicals

(*) Outcome of the consultation on the Administrative guidance on submission of dossiers and assessment reports for the peer-review of pesticide active substances and on the MRL application procedure; state of the art on Transparency

(*) Outcome high Level Meeting between Competent authorities, European Commission and EFSA – follow up on collaboration activities with MSs and follow up on improvement areas in the peer review

(*) Guidance documents: preparation and updates. Medium and long term planning

(*) Update on the draft Guidance on Non-Dietary Exposure to Pesticides

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