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China | Public Consultation on Naming Guidelines for Chemical Substances in Environmental Management

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The Ministry of Ecology and Environment, China, has issued a notice seeking public opinions on the draft of the National Ecological Environment Standard for Chemical Substances Environmental Management Naming Specifications. The purpose of this standard is to regulate the naming of chemical substances in environmental management and support various related activities such as the registration of new chemical substances, management of the "China Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances," and environmental risk assessment and control of chemical substances.

In accordance with the rules for the revision of national ecological environment standards, the Ministry has made the draft and its preparation instructions available for public review. Interested parties, including government agencies, organizations, enterprises, institutions, and individuals, are invited to provide feedback and suggestions. The draft and relevant documents can be accessed on the Ministry's website at Please refer to the "Opinion Collection" section or use the search bar on the homepage to find the specific notice.

Feedback and suggestions should be submitted in writing using the prescribed format and sent to the Ministry by June 25, 2023. 


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