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Court Rules Against HelloFresh: Prohibited from Claiming "Climate Neutrality

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The Landgericht Berlin has ruled that HelloFresh, the food delivery service, can no longer label itself as the "first global climate-neutral meal kit company" and claim to offset 100% of its direct emissions. This marks a victory for consumer protection and a blow against misleading climate neutrality advertising, achieved by the Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH).

The court emphasizes that companies must transparently and comprehensively justify claims like "climate-neutral." HelloFresh may face penalties if it repeats misleading climate neutrality statements. The DUH raised valid concerns about HelloFresh's use of the Kenyan forest protection project "Kasigau Corridor," pointing out questionable assumptions about emissions reductions, even though the project had been certified under the "Verified Carbon Standard."

The court underscored that companies cannot rely on purchased emission credits to guarantee the claimed results. Agnes Sauter, head of ecological market surveillance, emphasized the need for comprehensive and transparent information on claims of "climate neutrality" to protect consumers from deceptive advertising. The court's ruling sets a significant precedent in the battle against such misleading claims.


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