Nicaragua Amendments as regards Pest Risk Analysis (PRA)

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Pest Risk Analysis (PRA)

The members of the Central American Common Market (CACM, Mercado Común Centroamericano - MCCA) agreed upon three official categories (A to C) into which plants and plant products are classified according to their likelihood of carrying and introducing pests and diseases. The lower the risk level, the fewer requirements for the introduction and movement within the national territory will be necessary for the commodity in question. 

Contact Details

The contact details of the National Commission for the Registration and Control of Toxic Substances, which is, inter alia, the Official Contact Point (OCP) in the framework of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (also referred to as the POP Convention), have been brought up to date in the relevant documents of this import report and the matter-specific chapter on Further Chemicals and Hazardous Goods.



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