New report looks more closely at infill in artificial turf and New EU Restrictions

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There is a proposal in Norway for a new order to prevent the spread of rubber granules from artificial turf. At the same time, Germany is in the process of investigating the basis for regulating the use of rubber granules as infill.
In this connection, it can be mentioned that three German states have stopped subsidies for the construction of new tracks that use rubber granules as infill.

In addition, several countries such as Denmark have specific guidance on the construction and operation of artificial turf pitches, which may help to ensure less microplastics emissions.

In relation to the release of this report, it can be mentioned that ECHA, the European Chemicals Agency, is working on a proposal on restrictions on deliberately discharged microplastics. Rubber granulate fill in artificial turf will, by definition, be included in the residual restrictions if introduced. In this regard, ECHA will examine whether the infill should be included or not. The Environmental Protection Agency is awaiting ECHA's and the EU's decision on the subject.

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