Recording of the event | 300 people gathered in Helsinki for last minute advice ahead of the final registration deadline for chemicals

The European Chemicals Agency will hosted over 300 participants from industry, academia and authorities from all over the world for its REACH 2018 Stakeholders’ Day on 31 January. The event marked the last push for companies to meet their obligations by the 31 May registration deadline.

The conference showcased the current status with registrations and feature last minute advice and case studies which can help companies – especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – manage the registration of their substances manufactured or imported from one to 100 tonnes per year by the final REACH registration deadline.

With four months to go until 31 May, the event was the final push for companies to prepare their registration dossiers and meet the obligations for existing substances under REACH. From 1 June 2018, only substances that have a valid registration – or are exempted from REACH - will be allowed on the EU market.

ECHA’s Executive Director Bjorn Hansen said: “The last registration deadline is a challenge for the companies and regulators alike as it concerns many SMEs with limited resources and many niche chemicals with less existing data. I’m impressed of the way companies have taken on this challenge and are doing their bit to make Europe – and even the world – safer. We are here to help companies all the way, as are the national authorities and industry associations.”

The conference was streamed live. A recording and the slides are available at this link.



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