As we reboot the global economy, a sustainable pathway is the only road ahead

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In April, I outlined UNEP’s strategy to respond to COVID-19, a vital pillar of which is to deliver stronger science for informed policies. I am proud to update you that in July, UNEP along with the International Livestock Research Institute, and partners, released an update to previous work addressing the complex and urgent challenge of zoonotic diseases. The Report is clear and unambiguous in its call for a “One Health” approach, one which integrates human, animal and environmental health. “One Health” is not new, but its uptake has been uneven, and institutional support limited. The good news is that investing in such an approach will cost only a fraction of the stimulus packages announced to reboot the global economy. Widely reported by the media, findings from this report were published in more than 400 outlets in 42 countries. You will hear more about other milestones on the programmatic side a little later on. 



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