New strategy promotes substitution to safer chemicals in the EU

ECHA’s substitution strategy aims to encourage the replacement of harmful chemicals by boosting the availability and adoption of safer alternatives and technologies. It highlights networking, capacity building, and improving access to data, funding and technical support as key areas for action. The strategy outlines four main areas of action for coordinated, EU-wide support of substitution.

(1) Capacity building along the supply chain - Initiating dialogue about the opportunities and challenges of substitution and building collaboration that advances research, evaluation and the adoption of safer alternatives to substances of concern.

(2) Funding and technical support for substitution initiatives - Improving awareness by mapping the available funding and technical support relevant for substitution-related projects and making the information more accessible to companies.

(3) Using ECHA’s chemicals data more efficiently - ECHA’s databases on chemicals are a valuable tool in supporting sustainable substitution through a proper understanding of the hazards and risks associated with the substances to be substituted. The strategy proposes several projects that could be developed to further facilitate the use of this data for substitution.

(4) Developing coordination and collaboration networks - In addition to developing existing networks, the strategy proposes to establish a multi-stakeholder network comprising the European Commission and Member State competent authorities, industry organisations, individual companies, NGOs, research organisations and consumer associations interested in substitution.



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