Non-compliant e-liquid base from UK sold in Germany

Date of the announcement: 13.07.2018 

Product Category: Chemical products

Product name:
Unflavored e-liquid base

Manufacturer Name: Bunker Base & Co. Ltd.

Brand Name: Bunker base & Co. 

Product description:  Brown glass bottle (150 ml) liquid for e-cigarettes, with a white plastic cap and a white label with black imprint. 

Country of origine: United Kingdom

Ordinance: Labeling and packaging of substances and mixtures (EU-VO 1272/2008)

EU RAPEX No .:  A12 / 0914/18

RAPEX message:  Measures ordered - Prohibition to make a product available on the market and accompanying measures

The product contains nicotine (190 mg / ml), which is acutely toxic, but does not have a sufficient safety label with risk-relevant indications and a child-resistant attachment.
The product does not meet the requirements of the European CLP Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008. 

SOURCE (Automatically translated from German)


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