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Air pollution: MEPs want stricter limits to achieve zero pollution by 2050

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Parliament today adopted its position on a revised law to improve air quality in the EU in order to achieve a clean and healthy environment for European citizens.

363 MEPs voted in favour, 226 against and 46 abstained on the vote which sets a stricter 2035 limit and target values for several pollutants including particulate matter (PM2.5, PM10), NO2 (nitrogen dioxide), SO2 (sulphur dioxide) and O3 (ozone). The new rules would ensure air quality in the EU is not harmful to human health, natural ecosystems and biodiversity and would align EU rules with the most recent World Health Organization (WHO) Air Quality Guidelines. MEPs also stress that the air quality standards proposed by the Commission should be an intermediate objective to be reached as soon as possible, and by 2030 at the latest.


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