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On World Standards Day, UNECE launches new e-learning module on standards | UNECE

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Standards are in everything that surround us. Just the mobile phone in your pocket uses hundreds of standards, from the cellular network and the cable connectivity to physical elements such as the processing chips and the LED screen, not to mention security testing and the process design. We rely on product standards to ensure their safety for consumers and society. Standards enable the interoperability of devices and networks as well as help streamline procedures, such as border controls.  However, not many people know about product standards and the sustainable development benefits they create for society at large. 

UNECE, through its Working Party on Regulatory Cooperation and Standardization Policies (WP.6) aims to promote harmonization of standards and relevant regulations in order to reduce technical barriers to trade and to adapt to new technologies, thus improving the reliability of products and contributing to sustainable development. A large part of UNECE’s work involves awareness raising on the importance of standards and encouraging the integration of teaching standards in university curricula. 



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