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Nordic Co-operation | Climate and environmental action plan for Nordens 2022–2024

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Our vision 2030 states that the Nordic region will become the world's most sustainable and integrated region in 2030, and is divided into three strategic priority areas: a green Nordic region, a competitive Nordic region and a socially sustainable Nordic region. In the vision's action plan for 2021-2024, it is stated that the Paris Agreement and Agenda 2030 show the way, and that the Nordic region must work even more ambitiously and faster than the rest of the world. Against the background of our vision, there is a need for the organizations Nordic Council of Ministers Secretariat (NMRS) , the Nordic Council (NR) and the Nordic Culture Fund (NKF) – all located in Nordens hus in Copenhagen – are turning their attention to their own activities. Therefore, the three organizations will join forces on a joint climate and environmental action plan that can ensure that the organizations and Nordenshus work actively and purposefully towards becoming carbon neutral, by:


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