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New Zealand | Vaping products withdrawn following regulatory action

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Following regulatory action by the Vaping Regulatory Authority, non-compliant vaping product notifications are being withdrawn by product notifiers, meaning those products can no longer be legally sold in New Zealand until they are compliant and have been re-notified with the correct information.

In November, the Authority wrote to 60 companies about 2,149 vaping products that had been notified for sale in New Zealand, where further evidence was required to confirm they complied with the law.

These companies were given until 12 noon Friday 9 December to provide information demonstrating their vaping products were compliant with current regulations.

As of 13 December, 54 companies had responded to this request, and 472 notifications had been withdrawn. The Authority is currently assessing the information provided for a further 1,083 products to ensure they comply with the relevant product safety requirements.

Ten of the companies that responded to the request for information have been given an extension to 20 December to provide clarifications. Those companies that have not responded are being contacted individually to ensure they provide the required information about their products. Failure to provide the required information by the deadline without a reasonable excuse is an offence, and notifiers may face prosecution if they don’t respond.



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