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Thailand | Revised Cosmetic Notification Criteria and Guidelines for Mouth Spray Cosmetics

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The Thai Food and Drug Administration (Thai FDA), has released an updated set of guidelines for cosmetic notification, with specific provisions for mouth spray cosmetics. The revised criteria, which take effect immediately, aim to provide clearer distinctions between cosmetics and products with medicinal properties, while also addressing the unique characteristics and potential risks associated with mouth spray products.

Updates to Cosmetic Notification Criteria

The revised criteria build upon the existing "Notification Standard for Mouth Spray and Mouth Wash Products in Cosmetics" which is part of the Cosmetic Notification Review Standard (2021 Edition). The key updates include:

  • Clarity on Claims: The revised criteria provide more specific guidance on the types of claims that can be made for mouth spray cosmetics. Businesses are encouraged to carefully review the permitted claims and avoid making unsubstantiated or misleading statements about the product's capabilities.

  • Container Characteristics: The revised criteria outline specific requirements for the containers used for mouth spray cosmetics. These requirements aim to ensure that the containers are hygienic, durable, and tamper-evident, minimizing the risk of contamination and mishandling.

  • Naming Rules: The revised criteria establish clear naming guidelines for mouth spray cosmetics. Businesses are encouraged to use clear, concise, and truthful names that accurately reflect the product's ingredients and purpose.

  • Notification Documentation Requirements: The revised criteria provide a streamlined process for notifying the Thai FDA of new or reformulated mouth spray cosmetics. Businesses are required to submit a comprehensive set of documentation, including product specifications, safety data, and marketing materials.



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