EU wants stricter regulation for sustainable use of batteries

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On Decembet 10th the European Commission launched its Sustainable batteries proposal, its first initiative within the Circular Economy Action Plan. The proposal aims to ensure that the increasing demand for batteries in Europe is met with green products with lower emissions and produced using recycled materials, boosting circularity and reducing pollution.

New sustainable battery standards set by the EU will also have a significant industrial policy effect. By creating mandatory requirements for batteries, the Commission hopes that European companies can gain an edge on the global market. As batteries represent a significant share in the value of electric cars, this regulation may also significantly affect the automobile industry and serve the objective of strategic autonomy, a key pillar of which is the objective to disseminate the EU standards. At the same time, this proposal is a good demonstrative case for a challenge for policy-making to strike a balance between climate and environmental objectives on the one hand and national/regional economic interests.



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