Nanomaterial 'aerographene' used to create extremely powerful pumps

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An international research team led by Kiel has developed a new method for the generation of controllable electrical explosions. Theoretically, it only takes 450 grams of this material to lift an elephant: "Aerographene" owes this ability to its unique structure at the nano level. Visually similar to a black foam, it actually consists of a finely-structured tubular network based on graphene with numerous cavities. This makes it extremely stable, conductive and almost as lightweight as air. An international research team led by materials scientists from Kiel University (CAU) has now taken a major step toward practical applications. They have succeeded in repeatedly heating and cooling aerograph and the air contained inside to very high temperatures in an extremely short period of time. This enables extremely powerful pumps, compressed air applications or sterilizing air filters in miniature. The article appeared as the cover story in the current issue of the renowned scientific journal Materials Today.



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