Hand sanitiser regulation in Australia

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In Australia, hand sanitisers are regulated either as cosmetics or therapeutic goods depending on their ingredients and the claims made about their effects.

To be regulated as a cosmetic, hand sanitisers must comply with all the requirements set out in Schedule 2 of the Therapeutic Goods (Excluded Goods) Determination 2018 (TGA EGD). This includes not making any claims about viruses (including COVID-19). Further information about products making claims in relation to COVID-19 is available on the TGA website.

If your cosmetic hand cleaning product is formulated in Australia by blending (mixing) ingredients sourced within Australia, you do not need to register with us for this purpose.

If you want to import your cosmetic hand cleaning product, or if you are importing chemicals to make a cosmetic hand cleaning product, you must:

(*) register with us

(*) make sure that all of the chemicals are allowed for this use in Australia

Use our online questionnaire to help you work out if your product is a cosmetic.

Read about regulatory obligations for importing or manufacturing cosmetics.

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