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ASTM | Standard Specification for Copper-Nickel-Tin Spinodal Alloy Strip

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This specification establishes the requirements for copper-nickel-tin spinodal alloy strips with Copper Alloy UNS Nos. C72700, C72900, and C72650. Tempers are available as follows: TB00 (solution heat treated), TD01 to TD12 (solution heat treated and cold worked), TX00 or TS01 to TS12 (spinodal hardened), or TM00 to TM08 (mill hardened). Materials shall be prepared and tested accordingly to examine their conformance to mechanical (tensile and yield strength, elongation, ductility, and bend ratio), chemical composition, and grain size requirements. Retests shall be performed on any lot of material that fails to adhere to specified requirements due to inadequate heat treatment, or fails to meet bend test requirements.



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