• April 11, 2020
  • WTO

China | Amendment to the List of Colorants in Cosmetic Products (Draft)

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Title of document
Amendment to the List of Colorants in Cosmetic Products (Draft) (13 page(s), in English; 14 page(s), in Chinese)

In order to ensure the safety of cosmetic ingredient for human health and comply with global cosmetic trends, Food and Drug Administration is proposing to amend the regulatory requirements for the use of limited dosage of ingredient for cosmetics.

Notifying member: Chinese Taipei


Objective tag
Protection of human health or safety


Agency responsible
Food and Drug Administration Ministry of Health and Welfare No. 161-2, Kunyang St., Nangang, Taipei City 11561, Taiwan Tel: (886-2) 2787-8285 Fax: (886-2) 2653-2006 E-mail: [email protected]


  • Submission: 09/04/2020
  • Reception: 09/04/2020
  • Distribution: 09/04/2020
  • Final date for comments: 08/06/2020
  • Proposed date of adoption: N/A


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