Japan Adds 15 Priority Assessment Chemicals

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15 substances (given number 237~251) were designated on Apr 1st as “priority assessment chemicals” (PACs) under the Chemical Substance Control Law (CSCL) according to Japan’s Gazette. This brings the total number of PACs to 223 (some deleted or grouped under one single entry in the past years).

Please click here to see the whole list of PACs. 

Although both General Chemical Substances and PACs under Japan CSCL require annual reporting if they are manufactured or imported above 1 ton/year, more information is required for PACs. Manufacturers and importers of PACs need to report during the period from April to June each year the production and/or import volume in the previous calendar year, the use category, and the production site, etc. However, the 15 substances will still be reported the same as general chemicals in this year. 

In addition, PACs manufacturers and importers need to inform customers if their products are PACs or if the products contain PACs. CONTINUE READING ON chemlinked.com

The substances added to the PACs are listed here below in the footnote. Use Chemycal to quickly check which of your chemicals and products are impacted.

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