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The Biocidal Products Committee adopted six opinions: one on the approval of an active substance, three on Union authorisation and two addressing requests from the European Commission.

Helsinki, 23 June 2021 - The committee adopted the following positive opinions for:

Active substance approval:

  • L(+) lactic acid for product-type 6 (preservatives for products in storage).

Union authorisations:

  • Active chlorine released from chlorine for product-type 2 (disinfectants and algaecides not intended for use directly on people or animals) and for product-type 5 (disinfectants for drinking water);
  • Active chlorine released from sodium hypochlorite for product-type 2; and
  • Permethrin for product-type 18 (products for treatment against insects, arachnids and other anthropods).

And adopted two opinions addressing requests from the European Commission:

  • Evaluation of dioxin emissions from the use of biocidal products containing CMIT/MIT, which are used to preserve fuels in road and ship transport; and
  • Questions on disagreements between national authorities in mutual recognition of a biocidal product containing permethrin related to dermal absorption and migration of the substance from treated articles. The European Commission take the final decision on authorising the product based on BPC’s technical and scientific advice.

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