Thermal and microwave treatment of PCBs in buildings and building waste

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This MUDP project deals with the development of two methods for respectively correcting PCBs'>PCB in indoor air by thermal treatment and cleaning of PCBs'>PCB-contaminated building waste with microwaves.

The project has documented the effect of thermal treatment, including a clarification of whether there is a spread and redistribution of PCBs'>PCBs inside the wall as a result of the heating, and pilot scale tests have been made with surface-specific heating of a wall surface with heat panels. The experiment has shown that it is possible to remove PCBs'>PCBs by heating with heating panels. The second part of the project has tested heating of building waste using microwaves as an alternative treatment method for PCBs'>PCB contaminated building waste. The tests carried out have confirmed that the concrete waste can be heated using microwave technology to a level where the PCBs'>PCB fumes. The project has made an environmental and economic assessment of the technologies, which shows that it makes sense that the methods are further developed with a focus on optimizing power consumption, which is the aspect that the environmental and economic analysis has identified as crucial. 

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