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EU4Health Programme Publishes Notices for Wastewater Monitoring and Medical Device Scanning Systems

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As part of the EU4Health Programme, the European Commission's Health and Digital Executive Agency (HADEA) has published two prior information notices (PINs). The first notice involves a framework contract aimed at measuring pathogens and pollutants in untreated wastewater. This project seeks to establish a framework for the reuse of wastewater by procuring supplies and equipment for sampling and analysis at strategic locations, known as super-sites. These super-sites will function as part of a global sentinel system designed to exchange data and provide early warnings for future pandemics.

The second notice concerns the creation of a horizon scanning system for medical devices and in vitro diagnostic medical devices. This initiative aims to develop a comprehensive scanning system to monitor and assess medical devices and diagnostics, ensuring timely identification and response to emerging health technologies and potential risks.

Both initiatives underscore the EU's commitment to enhancing public health infrastructure and preparedness through innovative monitoring and diagnostic systems. 



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