In the recent months there was a lot of news on plastics and microplastics. Some of it was good news (for example the efforts by Boyan Slat with The Ocean Cleanup project, or the almost globally adopted ban on plastic straws (and the different creative solutions to that)), but most of it was pretty terrible (microplastics in the arctic snow, rain water, a lot of our food …).

While there is a lot of ongoing research on the material input side in terms of bio-based, biodegradable, and even bio-compostable materials, and at the same time on the end-of-life phase (recycling) of plastics as well, a part of the equation that in our opinion is far too often overlooked are the business models supporting plastic waste, and more importantly those who help in reducing or eliminating plastic waste. The models that take a look at plastic waste as a strategic design error of the business model you use.