The EU adopts simpler Energy label on consumer goods

The European Commission has just agreed on the revamp of the energy label for lighting, fridges, TV screens, dishwashers and washing machines. BEUC and its sister organisation ANEC - the consumer voice in standardisation - have long called for such an update, which will enable consumers to better understand how much energy their appliances consume.

As of 2021, the new law will remove the ‘A+’,’A++’ and ‘A+++’ classes that have appeared on the energy label over the years. In fact, this is where most appliances are currently grouped, thus leaving lower classes empty. As a result, fewer than 1 in 4 consumers understands that an ‘A+’ fridge is the least energy-efficient on the market.

It is much better to go back to a simple A-G scale in which the green ‘A’ class label would always appear on the most energy-efficient products. The ‘Buy A’ message is easier for consumers to understand and triggers continuous energy efficiency innovations. 



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