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European Commission | Experimental Application of the Global Technical Regulation on In-Vehicle Battery Durability

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ABSTRACT - Battery aging of electrified vehicles is a key parameter to be controlled in order to ensure sufficient energy efficiency and driving range across the whole vehicle lifespan. The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe has recently adopted a new regulatory framework, the Global Technical Regulation No. 22, prescribing minimum performance requirements for in-vehicle battery durability. With the implementation of this new GTR, monitors of the battery state of certified energy and range will be available in every production vehicle, the accuracy of which will be tested statistically by applying an in-use verification procedure (Part A). Once the monitors’ correctness is checked, the battery durability performances are controlled in Part B against the defined limit values by a fleet monitoring procedure. This work presents the results of a testing campaign executed at the Joint Research Centre testing facilities on an aged pure electric vehicle to measure its capacity and range fade. The aim is to explore the applicability of GTR No. 22, assessing the in-vehicle battery performance fade of an aged electric vehicle, illustrating the several steps of the developed regulation and experimental methodology.



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