The environmentally harmful substance PFOA should be replaced by less harmful alternatives

The substance PFOA , an environmentally hazardous fluorine substance, is currently banned in the EU, but unfortunately with a number of significant exceptions. NGOs call for most of these exceptions to be removed, as there are less harmful alternatives.

The Ecological Council concludes a number of environmental and health organizations expressing concerns about the EU Commission about the substance PFOA.

PFOA is found in a wide range of products, but is a highly degradable and environmentally hazardous fluorinated substance. There is a ban on PFOA in the EU, but unfortunately, after pressure from industry, with a number of significant exceptions. This is despite the fact that there are less harmful alternatives to the substance.

Now the EU proposes that PFOA be included in the global list under the Stockholm Convention on Dangerous Substances, but still with these very significant exceptions. The NGOs therefore call for the removal of most of these exceptions.

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