Mid-Century Strategy Report | Cefic

As the world is changing around us and faces additional grand challenges to those posed by tackling climate change and feeding 9 billion people on the planet, Cefic has started to develop a European Chemical Industry Mid-Century Strategy.

This Mid-Century Strategy report will serve as our “recommendations” to policy-makers, targeting the next generation of European policy makers, in particular to the new European Commission, which will take office in November 2019, and the new European Parliament that will be elected in June of 2019. 

The report aims to highlight the opportunities of our industry to deliver solutions in the context of a sustainable, digital, low-carbon and safety-conscious European society, and the conditions under which we can achieve this immense transformation.

The report builds upon economic data, megatrends, science and technologies, alongside many existing reports regarding the future of our industry. It aims to address gaps, societal concerns, UN Sustainability Goals and the European Commission priorities.  



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