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QueChoisir | Clothing and footwear - Too many chemical pollutants

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We don't think about it when buying them and even less when wearing them, but clothes and shoes contain many chemical substances, some of which can cause skin allergies. The National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety (ANSES) calls for restrictive European regulations.

Patients with eczema or skin burns after wearing new clothes or changing shoes, dermatologists see them regularly. Although European regulations restrict or prohibit the use of 12 families of chemical substances in textiles and leather, this is not enough. The presence of two powerful skin allergens, chromium VI in the leather and nickel in the metal parts, is thus greatly limited, which does not prevent allergies from lasting . “The threshold listed in the regulations is not enough to protect allergic consumers, confirms ANSES, it should be lowered. »

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