Freshlawblog | April 2021 update: Key Developments in UK and EU Environment, Safety and Health Law, Procedure and Policy

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Our Environmental, Safety & Health team is pleased to share with you the latest edition of our monthly newsletter, frESH Law Horizons: Key Developments in UK & EU Environment, Safety and Health Law and Procedure; providing bite-size updates on EU and UK law, procedure and policy.

This month’s edition includes the following:

(*) The government has published a consultation on a proposed new Protect Duty closing 2 July 2021.
(*) Retailer fined £7.56 million for selling food past its use-by date.
(*) Suspended prison sentence imposed for breach of a reporting restrictions order in a criminal trial.
(*) High Court entitles private prosecutor to recover expenses incurred prior to commencement of criminal proceedings from central funds.
(*) New carbon targets announced.
(*) Single-use carrier bag charge increase.
(*) The government publishes response on standards for biodegradable, compostable and bio-based plastics.
(*) The EA has issued updated guidance and positions on various waste and permitting matters.
(*) Use of “rogue trader” leads to enforcement against landowners.
(*) EU Commission proposal for a Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).
(*) European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) commences study on chemical recycling.
(*) ECHA identifies nearly 300 chemicals for regulatory action.
(*) European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) issues guidance to applicants from the plastic sector, including on new transparency requirements.



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