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OECD | Advanced Materials: Case Study on NanoCarriers - Workshop Report

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Executive Summary - In the vast evolving field of nanomaterials and advanced materials, the OECD has been playing an important role in standardising the methodologies used for the testing and assessment of chemicals. Since 2006, the Working Party on Manufactured Nanomaterials (WPMN) has been exploring a range of different MNs and identifying the test methods that need to be adapted, or if new tests are needed that respond to the specific characteristics of MNs. The WPMN also has a weather eye on the integration of advanced materials2 so that overall testing strategies can integrate them and give reliable and useful assessment on their safety. In 2022, the WPMN developed the Safer and Sustainable Innovation Approach (SSIA)3 which involves integrating cutting-edge approaches on safety with sustainability with a view to prevent potential ecological and safety impacts of emerging materials while fostering innovation.


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