Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt and Volkswagen are fighting together against transparency in the diesel scandal

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In the fifth year of the proceedings of the German Environmental Aid (DUH) against the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) to inspect files of the diesel scandal, the Volkswagen AG that was included has now filed a lawsuit against the KBA. In this way, the company wants to prevent the DUH from viewing the files with legally binding effect. According to VW, the files should also contain documents about the EA 288 engine that were not covered by the final judgment. Now car manufacturers and authorities are playing across the board again: just a few hours after receipt of the complaint and urgent application from VW AG, the KBA announced that it would not hand over the files because the manufacturer's application could be justified. Previously, the Schleswig Higher Administrative Court had legally sentenced the Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer's authority to to make these files available to the DUH without redaction. Since the office refused to implement this court decision, the DUH filed for foreclosure. A few days before the expiry of a final deadline set by the court, Volkswagen responded with a lawsuit.

Source: (Automatically translated from German)


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