As Washington stalls, 24 legislatures move to make environment less toxic

Seven states are looking at reducing the allowable levels of PFASs in drinking water.

For a timely reminder that Team Trump can’t halt all progress toward an American environment less toxic to human health, consider a new survey of state-level lawmaking around the country.

More than 120 measures aimed at reducing hazardous chemical exposure in everyday life are moving in American legislatures this year, according to the latest annual count by the Safer States coalition.  The tally has grown by a dozen in the last couple of weeks and may increase further.

Minnesota is among the 24 states considering new protections and, as usual, is something of a leader in the pack with seven measures introduced. Only three states are more ambitious: New York with 44, Massachusetts with 10, and Rhode Island with nine.

The most popular issues and initiatives nationally, according to the coalition: CONTINUE READING ON


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