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France Submits Proposal to Update Resorcinol Classification, Adding Endocrine-Disrupting Properties

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Paris, September 25, 2023 - France has formally submitted an intention to update the classification of resorcinol (1,3-benzenediol), a commonly used chemical compound. The submission, made on August 31, 2023, aims to revise its classification.

Resorcinol, with EC/List number 203-585-2 and CAS number 108-46-3, is currently classified under CLP Annex VI with index number 604-010-00-1. The proposed changes include reevaluating its properties and potential hazards.

The current harmonized classification for resorcinol at the time of the proposal stands as Acute Tox. 4*, H302 (Acute Toxicity), Skin Irrit. 2, H315 (Skin Irritation), Eye Irrit. 2, H319 (Eye Irritation), and Aquatic Acute 1. France is proposing to add the classification related to endocrine disrupting properties: ED HH 1, EUH380. 

Link to the Registry of CLH intentions until outcome


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