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Researchers Boost Fuel Cell Robustness and Sustainability with Cobalt-Modified Nanomaterial

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A research team from the University of Western Ontario has developed a cobalt-modified nanomaterial that significantly enhances the durability and sustainability of proton-exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs). These fuel cells have shown promise for energy production but have long suffered from issues related to durability and cost.

The cobalt-modified nanomaterial improves the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) within the fuel cells, leading to higher efficiency in power generation while reducing the reliance on costly platinum, a precious metal sourced primarily from South Africa. After subjecting the new catalyst to 20,000 cycles of an accelerated durability test, it displayed remarkable stability, with only a two percent loss in initial activity.

The research has implications for advancing sustainable energy solutions and reducing the dependence on precious resources in the fuel cell industry.



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