Danish EPA | Several hand disinfection products are recalled 07 May

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On May 6, 2020, the Environmental Protection Agency's Chemical Inspectorate ordered Metroline ApS to immediately recall the hand disinfection products "TOUCAN ECO", "TOUCAN ECA" and "TOUCAN Aquaox" for hand disinfection "from dealers and users.

“Metroline has marketed three hand disinfection products claiming to be effective against bacteria and viruses, for which the company has not provided documentation. In doing so, the company has done misleading marketing ”, says Kim Holm Boesen, Head of Office, Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

This means that Metroline Aps. must send a recall letter to dealers and users who have purchased the products within the last year from the date of the order and after the expiry of the deadline to comply with the order (two business days), before three working days, submit documentation to the Swedish Chemicals Inspectorate to comply with the order.

Source: mst.dk (Automatically translated from Danish)


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