EU Ecolabel makes green choices easy

When you’re rushing round the aisles of the supermarket or picking up something from the shop, with so many green labels and claims lining the shelves, it can be hard to tell which ones to trust. The EU Ecolabel logo makes it simple to know that a product or a service is both environmentally friendly and of good quality.

To qualify for the EU Ecolabel, products have to comply with a tough set of criteria. These criteria, set by a panel of experts from a number of stakeholders, including consumer organisations and industry, take the whole product life cycle into account – from the extraction of raw materials to production, packaging and transport, right through to your use and then your recycling bin. This life cycle approach guarantees that the products’ main environmental impacts are reduced in comparison to similar products on the market. Fitness-for-use criteria also guarantee good product performance.

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