The Roadmap on Carcinogens now in a video: share and help us prevent workers from cancer-causing agents at work!

Responsible for more than 100.000 deaths every year, cancer is the leading cause of work-related mortality in the EU. On 25 May 2016, six European organisations signed a covenant committing them to a voluntary action scheme to raise awareness of the risks arising from exposure to carcinogens in the workplace and exchange good practices: the Roadmap.

Member States, social partners, companies, research organisations and others across Europe are encouraged to participate. So far, over 16 EU countries and 1000 people and organisations joined.

Events are frequently organised across Europe, where partners can share knowledge and discuss new approaches on how to manage the risks of working with carcinogenic substances. It is also hoped that greater awareness will lead to innovations in production processes, resulting in the carcinogenic substances being replaced with safer alternatives.



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