The Global Harmonized System (GHS) in the EU - Classification and Labeling

This poster provides an overview of the classification and labeling system for hazardous substances and mixtures (GHS), which has been regulated in Europe since June 2015 by Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 (CLP Regulation). The globally harmonized GHS system is intended to facilitate the safe use of hazardous substances and mixtures for suppliers, customers and final consumers. The GHS system is, above all, an important component of occupational health and safety, but it also serves to provide transparency in environmental and consumer protection.

The poster contains the hazard classifications and categories in conjunction with the assigned hazard warnings, the hazard pictograms with the respective signal words, as well as the encodings. A register refers to the relevant chapter in Annex I to the CLP Regulation. This allows all relevant information on the current classification of chemicals to be recorded at a glance. Companies and users have a practical help with this poster, which helps them effectively in the application of the CLP regulation.



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