ECHA | 79th meeting of the Member State Committee | 10-11 October 2022 | Draft Agenda

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The Draft Agenda 79th meeting of the Member State Committee includes the following item(s) for discussion:

Dossier evaluation

-Compliance checks

Octabenzone 217-421-2 ECHA/MSC-79/2022/003-4

-Testing proposal examinations

TPE-115/2022 Polysulfides, di-tert-dodecyl 270-335-7 ECHA/MSC-79/2022/005-6

Request to MSC for an opinion in accordance with Article 77(3) c of REACH Regulation

Presentation of the updated Hazard assessment reports of bisphenol F and bisphenol AF and its salts and the respective RCOMs by the dossier submitter

Presentation of the 1st draft MSC opinion on the endocrine disrupting properties of BPF and BPAF and its salts by the Rapporteurs

Other business

Information related to ongoing Annex VI CCH decisions on substances containing nanoforms For information

Update on the EOGRT review project For information

Updates on appeals and court cases of relevance to MSC 

Compliance checks

(*) Antimony

(*) Dimethyl azelate

(*) Dimethyl heptanedioate

(*) 2,3-dichlorobuta-1,3-diene

Testing proposal examinations


Link to the Draft Agenda 79th meeting of the Member State Committee


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