Denying California the right to set its own emissions standards is a bad deal for all Americans | U.S. PIRG

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The Environmental Protection Agency announced today it would revoke a waiver that gave California the ability to set its own standards for automobile emissions. The waiver allowed the state to set stricter air quality standards than those imposed at the federal level -- and provided an avenue for other states to follow suit. More than one-third of U.S. auto buyers live in the 14 states plus Washington, DC, that have adopted California’s stricter standards.

“The EPA has taken a complete wrong turn with this decision. The authority of states, established under the Clean Air Act, to adopt stronger limits on pollution from cars must be protected if we’re to continue making progress on improving air quality, protecting public health and addressing climate change.

“But these relaxed fuel efficiency standards will do the opposite, furthering global warming and leaving Americans breathing more polluted air. We will continue to fight to give California and other states the right to protect Americans.



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