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Five Hazardous Chemicals Added to ECHA Candidate List, Including Commonly Used Substances in Everyday Products

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The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has added five new chemicals to the Candidate List, bringing the total to 240 entries. These new entires have various hazardous properties such as toxicity for reproduction, persistence, bioaccumulation, and endocrine disruption.

These substances are commonly found in products like inks and toners, adhesives and sealants, washing and cleaning products, as well as other items like air care products, coating products, lubricants, and greases. Additionally, the Candidate List entry for dibutyl phthalate has been updated to include its endocrine-disrupting properties for the environment.

The Candidate List serves as a precursor to the Authorisation List, and substances included may face restrictions on use in the future. If a substance makes it to the Authorisation List, companies must seek authorization from the European Commission to continue using it.



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