Denmark to clamp down on chemical-containing toys

The government is to introduce new legislation against toy products that contain harmful chemicals. Minister for the Environment and Food Jakob Ellemann-Jensen and Business Minister Rasmus Jarlov are to beef up legal framework against companies and suppliers who sell dangerous toys.

Rule changes will mean that complaints can be pursued whenever toys containing hazardous substances are sold, regardless of whether the seller was aware of the issue at the time of sale. Currently, prosecution is only possible when sellers willingly sell unsafe toys.

“In future it will also be possible to punish companies that are slack with safety,” Ellemann-Jensen said via a press statement. “As such, companies will be increasingly responsible for what they sell,” the minister added. Jarlov said he expected retailers and importers of toy products to improve practice as tighter rules are introduced. “I think this will make companies, that perhaps weren't as thorough before, think a little more about the rules,” he said.



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