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SB 24-081 PFAS Legislation, Would Create Major Problems for Colorado

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Sweeping legislation in the Colorado Senate, SB 24-081, threatens to create major disruptions for families and businesses across the state.

As introduced, the legislation proposes to ban an entire class of chemistries, known as PFAS, that are integral to industries ranging from semiconductors to clean energy to healthcare to aerospace.

PFAS are a diverse universe of chemistries that are critical to many products Colorado families rely on every day. All PFAS are not the same. Individual chemistries have different physical, chemical, and toxicological properties, as well as differing uses. In fact, renewable energy, semiconductors, healthcare technology, pharmaceuticals, transportation, and air travel all rely on a particular category of fluorinated chemistries (fluoropolymers) that meet key internationally recognized safety criteria for identifying polymers of low concern.   



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