Kingfisher and EurEau next in line to say no to PFAS chemicals

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Multinational home improvement company Kingfisher, and the European Water Association EurEau are the latest additions to ChemSec’s call to end the use of harmful PFAS chemicals in products and supply chains.

The call was first announced as a corporate commitment two weeks ago, following the screening of Hollywood movie Dark Waters in the EU Parliament, which is based on the true story of US attorney Robert Bilott who exposed decades of widespread PFAS pollution by chemical company Dupont.

Kingfisher and EurEau now join H&M Group and Coop Denmark, which have already signed the commitment.

ChemSec’s corporate PFAS initiative includes:

(*) A call on policy makers to regulate PFAS efficiently, without the possibility for manufacturers to simply swap one PFAS chemical for an unregulated “cousin”.

(*) A call on the chemical industry to invest in innovation and develop safer alternatives to PFAS for all kinds of products.

(*) A recognition that PFAS are a major health and environmental problem.

(*) A serious commitment to end all non-essential PFAS uses in products and supply chains.

(*) A call on all other brands to join this commitment and work towards a phase-out of PFAS in all kinds of consumer products.



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