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EU Commission defines principles on limiting most harmful chemicals to essential uses

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Today, the Commission has adopted guiding criteria and principles for what would constitute ‘essential uses' of the most harmful chemicals.

The Communication adopted today gives industry and investors predictability regarding the manufacturing of products indispensable for the green and digital transition, health and defence in the EU. It is a concrete deliverable of the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability aiming to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the most harmful chemicals, and to move towards a toxic-free environment.

Communication on essential uses

The concept of ‘essential uses' helps assess when it is justified, from a societal point of view, to use the most harmful substances. In cases where the use is necessary for health and/or safety, and/or it is critical for the functioning of society, and if there are no acceptable alternatives, this substance can continue to be used for that purpose for a certain period of time. Detailed provisions should be set in specific EU legislation applying the essential use concept.


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