• May 9, 2019

NIA | "Nano in Action" webinar on Nanosafety

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A look at the latest research and support tools that will advance the development of safe materials. Hear from speakers involved in human and environmental safety research and services, and understand how regulations and standards are evolving to build commercial and consumer confidence in nanomaterials.


(*) University of Birmingham (UK)

(*) Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FI)

(*) University College Dublin (IE)

(*) VITO (BE) 

Projects mentioned:

(*) ACENano: http://www.acenano-project.eu/

(*) caLIBRAte: http://www.nanocalibrate.eu/home

(*) Ec4SafeNano: http://www.ec4safenano.eu/

(*) GUIDEnano: http://www.guidenano.eu/

(*) NanoCommons: https://www.nanocommons.eu/

(*) NanoFASE: http://nanofase.eu/

(*) NanoInformaTIX: http://www.nanoinformatix.eu/

(*) NanoSolveIT: http://nanosolveit.eu/

(*) Necomada: http://necomada.eu/

(*) npSCOPE: https://www.npscope.eu/

(*) OpenRiskNet: https://openrisknet.org/

(*) RiskGONE: https://www.riskgone.eu/

(*) Scaffold: http://scaffold.eu-vri.eu/ SmartNanoTox: http://www.smartnanotox.eu/


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