Managing a Challenging Regulatory Environment for Chemicals of Emerging Concern

As regulators focus their attention on chemicals of emerging concern, also known as contaminants of emerging concern (CECs), organizations across the chemical industry are facing an uncertain and rapidly evolving regulatory environment.

A Journal of Hazardous Materials report found that about 40,000 compounds with CEC potential have been identified, with six more being added each day. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has expressed concerns that when CECs seep into the water supply, they release endocrine disruptors that can alter normal hormone functions. CECs include many chemicals that we use in our everyday lives, such as prescription and non-prescription medications, soaps, and food preservatives. Public concern and pressure to regulate continue to grow, and as a result, regulators are placing CECs in the spotlight, which means that companies need a strategy to monitor and respond to a fast-changing regulatory landscape



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